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Natural Expanded Perlite

Lightweight perlite mix for for exceptional thermo-acoustic isulation when filling roofs & walls


Application of Perlite C1

1. Application

  • Filling up floors at a thickness of 6cm up to 15cm in one go

  • For larger thickness two or more successive layers can be applied, at intervals of about 3-4 hours.

  • The application surface has to be dust-free and clean

  • The application surface needs to be leveled

  • Watering of the sub-surface

  • We are then ready to apply our lightweight concrete

  • After 2-3 hours we apply a layer of 2-4cm of Perlite Bplus

2. Preparing the Mix

  • Per every 100 liter perlite we add 40 kg cement. In the mix we add up to 40 liters of water in order to achieve the required fluidity level.

  • We put Perlite C1 in the pumping machine

  • We add cement and we mix

  • We add water and we mix


  • For better results we recommend the use of piston/pumping machines

  • In the first day of the application the spraying of the surface with a thin layer of water is necessary to prevent cracks

  • Brushing should be carried out the same day or latest the day after the application

  • For external surfaces (roofs, balconies, etc) we recommend applying water-resistant insulation (in liquid form) prior to applying tiles

  • 7-15 days required for drying up

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