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Perlite Garden




Perlite is used worldwide in horticultural applications including rooting crops and soil preparation for cultivation. As an ingredient in all types of soil it absorbs large amounts of water and air.


  It helps retain moisture near the root of the plant, aerate the root and drain the soil. It is ideal for use when seeding, rooting cuttings, planting in pots,  green roofs, and sports fields such as golf, soccer, etc.


Mixing Perlite Garden in the soil achieves the following:

  • Reduces the need for water by 50%, saving water and energy, due to its high water absorption capacity (W₂₄=240%)

  • Maintains a source of moisture near the root of the plant allowing water availability to the root system, even in extreme conditions

  • Maintains the soil naturally supple and dry preventing pests, weeds, etc. by providing optimal aeration to the root system due to its 95% porosity

  • It acts as a catalyst - fertilizer wearer absorbing and gradually releasing nutrients 

The benefits offered by Perlite Garden are due to a unique combination of multiple properties:


  • Biologically and chemically it is an inert material

  • Its insulating properties protect the root from sudden changes in temperature

  • Time does not affect its structure, it does not rot, does not melt and has unlimited shelf life

  • It has a neutral pH (pH 7)

  • It is lightweight with a specific gravity 0,80 gr / Lt is ideal for planting on green roofs, planters, and window boxes

  • It is sterile and therefore free of diseases and weed seeds

  • Easy to transport and use

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