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About Us



  VIORYP is a Greek enterprise that mainly produces and supplies internationally raw perlite and secondarily expanded perlite for the Greek market. Our activity started in Tunisia (Perla, 1998) with perlite expansion, supplying the North African market. In 2006 we extended our activities in Greece, processing and expanding perlite and supplying the further region. This was followed by investments in 2019 to upgrade facilities and increase capacity in the raw perlite, marking a dynamic entry into the Europe, Middle East and Africa raw perlite market. 

  VIORYP's raw perlite is sourced from Milos, which has a huge base of perlite reserves. More specifically the raw material comes from the world-class deposit of Provatas, which is internationally recognized as the world's top material for agricultural, construction and foundry applications.

  Our modern industrial facilities have a annual production capacity of 100,000 MT of raw processed perlite and 120,000 m3 of expanded perlite. 

  Our aim is to establish ourselves as a major player in the perlite market. A strong and reliable producer of raw graded perlite in Europe, Middle East and Africa and expanded perlite in the local market. 

  For this purpose we utilize our accumulated know-how and the experience of Vioryp's people. Following the needs of the market and of our partners, we develop products that exceed customer expectations  and we additionally encourage creativity and innovation, investing in the creation of new perlite products. We always rely on reliability and integrity and we build long-term relationships of mutual trust with our partners. Our guideline is to produce ecological products of high quality, friendly to humans and the environment.

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