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Innovation & Sustainability

 Today our effort is now mainly focused on the development and servicing of the raw perlite market. In cooperation with customers, we develop raw graded perlite products, even specialized ones, that meet customers' needs for quality products in various uses, reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, minimize waste production, increase productivity and reduce costs.


  At the same time, we are working on the improvement and development of new expanded perlite products. Perlite applications that interest us are indicatively, ready-made soil mixes, industrial filter aids, insulating boards, bricks and insulation of gas pipelines.


  We are particularly interested in applications where perlite products:

  • replace products (e.g. insulating) that until recently were traditionally produced from petroleum derivatives

  • can be produced from by-products or production discharges and waste

  • enable full recycling after use

  • reduce energy consumption and overall carbon footprint

  • replace products with higher health and safety risks


  Particular emphasis is placed on compliance with environmental legislation, the health and safety of employees and our contribution to the local community, where all our employees come from.


  Our goal is to encourage innovation in our activities by supporting the development of sustainable products and to enhance our environmental performance and social contribution.

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