Our Company

     VIORYP ABEE was founded in 2006 to provide superior perlite products and excellent service to the construction, agricultural and hydroponic markets in Greece and other European countries. 

     Located in a sprawling 26 acre parcel one hour north of Athens, the company's facilities are the most modern in the world. Our factory receives raw rock perlite from the Greek island of Milos and processes it in our fully integrated, eco-friendly, electronically controlled production line, where it crushes, grades, dries, expands and packages the perlite in big bags or smaller plastic bags which are then placed on pallets. Standard annual production capacity is 150.000m ³, which can be quickly doubled according to market demand.

     Our goal is to offer the highest quality perlite products, the best customer service and to develop new, innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly perlite products. We want to effectively replace oil based insulation products in the European markets and to provide the best perlite products, as well as peripheral tools and education, for agricultural and hydroponic uses.

     Having run successful pumice mining operations in the island of Santorini since 1963, and with an affiliated perlite expansion and distribution factory in Tunisia, management has extensive expertise and knowledge in mining, manufacturing, processing and international distribution. With a green mind set, and a customer focused orientation, we listen to the needs of our partners, invest in new innovative eco-friendly products, and build mutually successful lasting relationships based on integrity, trust, great products and excellent service.