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Perlite for gardens, plants and green roofs (PERLITE GARDEN)  

Why is Perlite Garden needed?

    Perlite Garden has the capacity to absorb large amounts of water and fertilizers, which it releases gradually, providing proper moisture and nutrients to the root of the plant. It provides optimal balance of water and air offering ideal conditions for the growth of the plants' root systems. Placing Perlite Garden at the bottom 3-5cm of the pot provides perfect drainage and helps prevent fungus and bugs. Its superior insulating capability protects the root of the plant from sudden temperature changes.

What are the benefits of Perlite Garden?

   Perlite Garden saves water while simultaneously helping the plants grow better and healthier. It is economical as a bag 25lt can fill 5-7 medium size pots.

Perlite Garden is used for:

  • Turf fields such as golf courses and soccer fields
  • Crops
  • Indoor and outdoor plant growing
  • Gardens, ready or seeded lawns, plants
  • Green roofs due to its extremely light weight Hydroponics as a substrate Seed planting and rooting.