Perlite in Culture




100% Natural Perlite

Natural Perlite has been used for many years to improve the soil for sowing, rooting cuttings, cultivating crops, and greenhouse planting.  
Adding Perlite Agro to the soil provides the following benefits:

It reduces irrigation requirements, saving water and energy, due to its superior water absorption capabilities (W = 270%).

  • It maintains a source of moisture near the root of the plant allowing water availability to the root system, even in extreme conditions
  • It maintains the soil naturally supple and dry preventing pests, weeds, etc. by providing optimal aeration to the root system due to its 95% porosity
  • It acts as a catalyst - fertilizer wearer absorbing and gradually releasing water and fertilizer to the rootsIt provides ideal drainage, which helps prevent weeds, fungi, etc.
  • It protects the root from sudden changes in temperature due to its insulating properties 

Perlite Agro physical characteristics: 

100% natural mineral, environmentally friendly, unaffected and unaltered by time Chemically inert, sterile (expands to 1.000 C) and free of diseases and weed seeds.