Use only a cement mixer or a pumps

Products Perlite B & Perlite Bplus  (Lightweight concrete) should be applied with a pump (special or plaster’s) or with a cement mixer. Due to the large variance between the specific weights of each product in the mixture, it is necessary to use a mixer in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture, which is an important factor for the proper installation. It is also important to properly control the amount of water and cement used in the mixture. Disproportionately higher amounts of water in the mix will increase the percentage of  shrinkage, reducing  strength and thermal insulation.

Reduce Weight

 Using cement concrete in an area of ​​100 square meters, in an application of 10cn approx filling, the weight arrives at 12 metric tons. Using Perlite B, Perlite BPlus,

( lightweights concretes) reduces the weight by half down to just 6 metric tons. Thus, the weight of a five story building is reduced by 30 tons!

Thermal insulation
Make an experiment. When you place a 10x10x10 cm block of finished mixed product over a gas stove at 330ºC, you will notice that the top surface may never get warm. The reason for that is that the finished perlite mixture can hold a temperature difference between its two sides of 220ºC.


Not suitable for outdoors due to hydrophilia (moisture absorption)

Perlite is natural mineral which expanded in 1.100 C. in order to arrive in the final form. After that ,is not more expanse  nor melt. Remains inalterable.

The wright mixing in the press machine and the specify doses  of cement and water are very important in order to give us a perfect surface . Hydro insulation is recommended before glue tiles.

Use cement concrete above lightweight concrete  for final surface

Is known that cement concrete has different thermal  dilations than lightweight concrete.

Since Vioryp’s products (Perlite B & Perlite BPlus) gives final surface with high resistans (11,7Mpa) ready to glue tiles, no other surface above is necessary.  

High cost

By today's standards, the cost of purchasing and using Perlite B & Perlite Bplus (lightweight concrete) is almost equivalent to the cost of cement concrete and, compared with the benefits they offer, considerably cheaper than other products in the lightweight category.